Crystal Chandler for Judge

The Choice is Clear . . . Crystal Clear!
Clearly Experienced.
Clearly Knowledgeable.
​Clearly the Best Qualified For a Criminal Family Violence Court.

"Welcome and thank you for visiting my campaign website.  I am running for judge of County Court #13, a court specially designated to handle misdemeanor criminal family violence cases.  I believe a serious criminal court that deals with serious criminal issues deserves a judge with serious criminal law experience.

I have devoted my nearly 17 year professional career to the practice of criminal law.  In my 15 years as an Assistant DA in Bexar County, I have handled serious criminal family violence cases in all stages of litigation, from accusation, grand jury, trial, appeal and all post-conviction proceedings. In my personal life, I have sought ways to serve our community including co-founding a nonprofit organization engaged in the fight against domestic human trafficking.

I would be proud, privileged and honored to serve the citizens of Bexar County as judge of County Court #13.  I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website and I am humbled by your interest in my valuable experience.  I am asking for your support and your vote.  Thank you."                                                           ~ Crystal Chandler

and I want to bring comprehensive understanding of the challenging aspects of family violence cases. 

Bexar County Court At Law #13

A County Court Dedicated to Handling Criminal Family Violence Cases